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Not much choice but go for TTnT as TOT is Government and they do not have enough installation and maintenance crew. In Chiangmai our lines were down for 2 weeks with TOT and they told us today today and never came so avoid TOT. The other problem is you may be offered a promotion== if so ask if they lock you in for 1 year contract and if any money to pay if you decide to close your line? TTnT give you 2 options 5000baht? payment if you stop or another one free if you stay for 1 year? You also get single router free from both TTnT and TOT. TT&T promotion, the 790 baht per month one is OK and we run 4 PCs in Chiangmai no problem so Pattaya also should be OK. Remember theres no optic fibres in Pattaya so breakdowns will be frequent but for my money stay on TTnT as its a private company and they are much better to use overall.

The lines Ok are leased to TTnt but they have better maintenance and steadier ASDSL speeds. If you want 2 -4 computers on one line fine and just by a 4 port router. TTNT is at Carrefoure on Pattaya Klang in Pattaya (1st floor or Thai 2nd floor) & their hotline number is '1103'

7/11 phone card for 300 Baht will provide about 45 min phoning; for landlines if the provider is TTNT dial 009 and for TOT 001 809 to get a reduced rate for international phone calls. TOT is on the corner of Pattaya 3rd Road/Pattaya Klang

When dialling within Thailand, but OUTSIDE your own 'local' area, dial 1234 first, then the area code and number you are calling, to ANY phone - ANYWHERE IN THAILAND (both fixed line AND mobile) 1234-053-22xxxx (Chiang Mai area )


ADSL connection with montly subscription with TTNT. Pay 590 a month and get 256/128 kbps but go for the 512 kbps and ask if any promotions. If you want to use more computers, you need a gateway software like WinGate or to get yourself an ADSL multiport 4 port router.


INSTALLATION OF YOUR TOT PHONELINE: beware - -- - - - the installation is free but the team of installers will ask you for 300 baht for a SURGE PROTECTOR ON YOUR POWER POLE. This is complete rubbish so dont pay anything. They will also tell you that the line runs 50 volts (it is only 12 volts) and that for every internal connection into your house the cost is 400 baht a time. Tell them not to bother as this is a rip off. You can buy the connections yourself for 40- 60 baht in Panthip plaza or any electrical shop. Buy the double plug in connector (one end) & the other end wire the 2 lines coming into the connector block of this connector (no plug-in) -- thats it. This gives you 2 lines one for the ADSL and one for your phone. If you need multiple phones then run phone line double jack into one jack around to each room you want connected (2 wires). (Remember the other one goes direct to your Router). If using 2-4 PCs buy a SMC 4 port router and run on 512 bps @ 700 baht and your line should work OK.Just buy the ADSL line and plug into you PC and the router outlet. Don't buy the TOT routers they supply you with. In Chiangmai a single router is free & the installation is FREE including no such thing as a surge protector so don't be fooled into buying one.

Need a lawyer then email us.

  • VISA RUN -
  • Total Cost is 2,000 baht- 2500 baht for most Pattaya Visa Companies

  • bullet Limit 9 people on each mini bus
    bullet Fast, safe great run to the Pailin Border Crossing of Cambodia
    bullet Depart daily 6:00 to 6:30 am
    bullet Pick up at your hotel etc. North Pattaya, Central Pattaya or Jomtien
    bullet Price includes Visa, Round Trip and Lunch
    bullet Return to your pick up point approx 2:30 pm the same day
    bullet . Have your Passport and 1 photograph
    bullet Tell us what theyre like?????
  • Need a good Travel Centre used by many foreigners then go to Soi 6 2nd Rd

  • by the Bangkok Bank. Behind Jack & Tars theres an excellent honest Travel Shop in the Soi

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Our own coffee

* Worldwide sales

* No minimums

* Green or roasted

* Packed to your specs

Our Other Lines

* Outsourcing for overseas customers

* Charcoal sales

* Rubber tyre scrap

* Metal scrap

* Tyres, machine parts

* Injection molding

* Commodity sales


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* WELL ESTABLISHED German/Thai/NZ owned - Operating since 1998
* QUALITY ASSURANCE - DFT Dept foreign TradeRegistered.
* PROFESSIONALISM - Members of EAN Thai Federation of Industries
* LOGISTICS & OWN PACKING - Pickup & deliver to your door anywhere in Thailand, Laos, Myanmar & Cambodia
* COMPETITIVE RATES - We pass on our bulk buying rates.
* CUSTOMER SERVICE - Friendly, English speaking experienced staff.
* CUSTOMER Storage & warehousing for all shipments & for buyers.
Logistical Import Clearing and Exports by land, air and sea
email us: export@pobox.com


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