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The minimum air freight service is 45kgs. Under this you pay to the 45kg weight. If over 1m long then its volume x weight which can be expensive. Over 300kgs and 500kgs the cost gets cheaper the cost for air freight may increase in Thailand sometimes twice per month. It is gauged by the oil prices. All airfreight is packed by us using cardboard boxes then banded so no packages will burst open and we can have ready in 1 day. make sure you itemize and value all items when you send to us


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When you airfreight there is a minimum of 45kgs. Under this kg figure you pay the set rate. The main determining factors of freight rate are: mode of transportation (truck, ship, train, air craft), weight, size, distance, points of pickup and delivery, and the actual goods being shipped. Air Freight shipments are calculated as the Actual Weight (Gross Weight) or the Volumetric (also called Volume or Dimensional) Weight of the shipment, whichever is the greater. calculated based on the dimensions (length, width and height) of a package (shipments are always shown in the order of L x W x H). So large items with a light overall weight take up more space on an aircraft than a small, heavy item which means Airlines charge according to Chargeable Weight. When you airfreight your airwaybill is the paper that travels with the airfreight. We also send you a copy but the original is with the cargo. You can clear yourself at the destination airport when it is being sent or use a local clearing agent or our agent in that country.

Handling fee

Customs fee

Packing fee

Cert of origin

Transport fee (depot to airport)

AWB Airwaybill & fee (with airfreight )

Docs emailed to you

Airfreight in baht per kg



If you want to air freight anywhere in the world please use the quotation form and write to us. Include your full address & Tel, email contact details as well as airport you wish to use in your country. All documents are emailed to you and full quotes are given. If you need to clear then ask a freight agent at the destination who will handle all for you and deliver door to door.


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Our own coffee

* Worldwide sales

* No minimums

* Green or roasted

* Packed to your specs

Our Other Lines

* Outsourcing for overseas customers

* Charcoal sales

* Rubber tyre scrap

* Metal scrap

* Tyres, machine parts

* Injection molding

* Commodity sales



Let us do the sourcing and buy for you.







Bikes & concrete trucks for shipment




Just email us for a quote

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* WELL ESTABLISHED Danish /Thai /NZ owned - Operating since 1998
* QUALITY ASSURANCE - DFT Dept foreign TradeRegistered.
* PROFESSIONALISM - Members of EAN Thai Federation of Industries
* LOGISTICS & OWN PACKING - Pickup & deliver to your door anywhere in Thailand, Laos, Myanmar & Cambodia
* COMPETITIVE RATES - We pass on our bulk buying rates.
* CUSTOMER SERVICE - Friendly, English speaking experienced staff.
* CUSTOMER Storage & warehousing for all shipments & for buyers.
Logistical Import Clearing and Exports by land, air and sea
email us: export@pobox.com

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INDEMNITY: Please note KPS International Trade (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.& SE Asia Trading Post Shipping is NOT ASSOCIATED NOR PART OF THE FOLLOWING COMPANIES IN THAILAND. namely KPS Express Logistics Co Ltd or KPS International Transport Co Ltd. It has come to our notice by the Logistics Support Services FDRS : https://fdrs-ltd.com/  that some exporters believe we are part of these companies which we are not.


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