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Scam companies in thailand caught



In 2020 Thai Police arrested 7 people allegedly involved in a multi-million baht scam selling face masks online and not delivering them. 3 Thai women and 4 Cameroon nationals were arrested on fraud charges. The transnational investigation started when complaints were filed by people in Seoul and Hong Kong, claiming they had paid for large shipments of face masks, but did not receive their orders. 12 million baht was made in the alleged scam. 1 South Korean national and 2 Hong Kong people filed complaints with the Royal Thai Policeís Foreign Affairs Division that they had transferred more than $400,000 USD or about 12 million baht to the company for face masks, but did not receive the products.

USED MASKS: The operation in central Thailandís Saraburi province was prompted by a tip off that the facility was exploiting the current face mask shortage in Asia. Thai police raid on a recycling factory on Monday made the revolting discovery that used face masks were being repackaged in boxes to be sold as new. 


So when looking at a website check the following:

1/. How long the website has been active in years? How long has the company been in running in years?

2/. Check the owner of the website & Company and share registration. To do this you need to have someone reliable to assist you to go to the Govt Office. The web site you can find the info on whose who domain search?

3/. A manufacturer should be a member of DFT Dept of Foreign Trade which costs to join. If not then they could be a sweat shop. The DFT also issues the Cert of Origin so companies in Thailand must be affiliated with the DFT. Places like Germany demand the COF from DFT?

Ask the Company if they obtain the Cert of Origin from Chamber of Commerce which is private? If they say yes then they are fake? they must have ISO status & DFT status. Theefore they are not a manufacturer. If a Thai Company is not a member then caveat emptor prevails--- keep away.

4/. Has the Company got ISO Certification. This is now a requirement.

5/. Do not go on pictures or paperwork as this could be fake.You need to check out other companies who have made the purchases so ask for referrals of International buyers. But ve careful here also as could be friends so again ask for website to check & Company years in biz.

6/. If you can come to Thailand & inspect but go to the DFT yourself or have a laywer do fo you. However getting the right person to do this work can be hazardous?? if not honest.

7/. If they have 1m baht share capital then stay away. Again you need to find out the true setup of the company before you buy but seeing the product first is a must.

8/. Ask your Embassy for help.

9/. Do not give up front deposits.

10/. They can say they are agents for major companies--a lie??

11/. Watch out using Whatsapp as they can set up in that country easy then try to get you to place money into their account?

12/.Low pricing--no such thing apart from enticing you to buy?


There are many scams now in Thailand some of which are carried out by Nigerians and Cameroons & Liberians using Thai nominees or front people to act for them. If youre not sure then do not do business. There have been many wesbites set up saying they are manufacturers when they are not especially the likes of A4 copy paper. These people can buy from Macro then say they are manufacturers but in reality they just buy from Macro Super store and ad a commission on top---something you can do yourself.

With Covid 19 there will be more scams. You can buy pass the middle men and scammers if you do your homework. This may cost you for someone to check but its worth thinking about when you read how some buyers lose over US$500.000 by looking at a website & thinking its a real company. DONT BE CAUGHT OUT--ASK US.

Cybercriminals are going to great lengths to make as much profit as possible using the COVID-19 pandemic as a lure, stated FraudWatch International, an internet security organisation.

Some of the recommendations by FraudWatch to minimise the chances of falling victim to scams include looking out for spelling and grammatical errors, refraining from providing personal information to parties whose legitimacy is unclear and to be suspicious of every published COVID-19 special offer, especially on social media.





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