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KPS International Trade (Thailand) Co,.Ltd. &

SE Asia Trading Shipping
Tel : +61-435336560
Line ID : KPS-Nisarat
Email : bangkok@pobox.com for all your inquiries


77/74-77/75 The Money Me 
Moo.1 Khlong Sam
Khlong Luang,Pathum Thani 12120
Tel : 02-0031674  
Fax : 02-0031675

Mobile number 086-5752995 or email us for info



SHIPPING BY SEA freight LCL means (Lower than container Levels) with min 1cbm (1x cubic metre) or 1m x 1m x 1m. If shipping out of Thailand name the port of entry you wish to ship to and country. Send us your full address.

With a work permit with over 6 months left you can ship your personal belongings to Thailand. For retirees coming to live in Thailand please ask us as you will need a customs clearance agent to work for you in Thailand. 

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1/. Passport (original) with copies 2/.Non-immigrant visa or resident visa valid for one year
3/. Work Permit (original) or copy of B.O.I. Letter (to Customs) valid for one year. Show this on arrival of goods. 4/.Inventory (two copies, legible and in English) showing the followingdetails: Packing (carton, wrapped, crated, etc.) Electrical appliances you need brand name, model and serial number & TVs diameter of the tube and if color or black and white 
5/. Copy of insurance policy (if applicable) 6/. Shipper's contact address and phone number here in Thailand.
7/. Make a packing list of all items and values, years. Keep receipts.  

As at 2012 all shipments for Personal every customer must sign an Indemnity form to cover us regarding all shipments. Pallets we can supply and will not accept pallets from customers shipping LCL. Due to drugs etc and contraband we will no longer ship and pack goods and take responsibility if you do not sign our Indemnity form.



All shipments subject to inspection so when sending goods always be aware of this.

Anyone with a full year Work Permit (or one year Visa) and returning Thai residents who have lived more than one year abroad will be considered for duty-free exemption.

Customer allowed duty-free import of one air and one sea shipment from country of last residence

Shipment must not arrive before the customer

Goods must arrive no later than six months after the date on the Work Permit

Goods must originate from the same country as the customer


New items (over six months old) require invoices. In fact try to have invoices for most things

Alcoholic beverages

Tobacco products

Works of art and antiquities and this includes Buddhas even made of plastic and bought on the street they must be classified by the Fine Arts Dept so be aware of this

HIGH DUTIES apply to stereo and video equipment, all appliances, luxury items, carpets, foodstuff, and office equipment Only one of each type of electrical appliance is allowed, duplicate appliances will be charged full duties. Computers, fax machines and phones can cause problems so differentiate household from business as dutiable office equipment.



Narcotics and drugs. Medical equipment. Gold and silver

Plants (Health Certificate required). Several plant and fruits are prohibited (inquire before importing)

Firearms, weapons, ammunition and dangerous objects (subject to taxes and licensing, which take very long; goods of this type MUST NOT BE INCLUDED in household goods shipment). Radio equipment and transmitters of any kind

Pornographic material


Automobiles and motorcycles heavily taxed and require approval from the Ministry of Commerce prior to forwarding of vehicle from origin. We tell people don't try as the Customs may value at what they have in their index and duties for second hand cars will range from 215% to 300%. Water vehicles (must prove legal ownership)


Animals subject to duties. Information such as sex, name, age and breed should be provided to Destination Agent well in advance of importation of animal. Quarantine may be required but normally OK.

Documents required:

Import Permit

Health Certificate providing evidence that rabies vaccination has been administered seven days prior to departure

Certificate of Vaccination, Pedigree (if available).









When asking us for a quotation and you wish to send personal items please tell us exactly what you are shipping. Itemize all articles so we can tell you if you need fumigation, clearance from Customs and Fine Arts depts etc. We will not quote you if you do not list all items you wish to ship Try to work out how many cubic metres you need to ship. Min 1cbm and this means 1m x1m x1m. If buying motorcycles you must have original invoice papers and ID, House reg of the first buyer from the Importer. If not customs will make a levy between 3-5000baht. If you have tabian (title) book then OK but you still must deregister the bike and pay any outstanding tax fees outstanding before they will issue the letter. WE CAN HELP YOU AS WE SHIP MANY BIKES. Shipping crates can range from 2000baht per cbm. Have cheap then you may find your goods may be damaged as all shipments will be forklifted and stacked sometimes 3-4 times. We can give you a rough estimate but you need to make sure you give the right dimensions and then allow us to see so we can tell you any changes of cbm you may need. Quotes are just indicative and can change due to the cost of fuel. If buying cars & motor vehicles these must be dergistered first and we can assist you. Works of art and antiquities and this includes Buddhas even made of plastic and bought on the street they must be classified by the Fine Arts Dept so be aware of this AS THE PRICE FOR CUSTOMS CAN BE ANYWHERE UP TO 3000BAHT JUST FOR CLEARANCE even though you only paid 1000baht on the street and its not antique. YOU ALSO NEED FUMIGATION FOR all wood products and crates.



SEA FREIGHT: The minimum package if sending by Sea Freight is 1cbm WHICH IS 1M X 1M X 1M. All LCL ( lower than container level cargo) is packed in wood crates. eg. Personal items, bikes, goods etc BUT NOT garments. See white packs above.


1CBM ABOVE ate will vary as at 2019
Sea freight
POD : Auckland ,New Zealand
Rate : $US.....CBM
T/T : 23-25 days
Sailing : PAT Sun Weekly
Local charge and customs clearance
Courier Fee by DHL            
Handling Charge                 
Customs Formality              
Shipping Charge                 
Customs Surcharge
Packing & Fumigated           THB (Packing with wooden crate)

Transport charge                  THB (Pick up with 6 wheel load to container in PAT Klongtey)

Transport to depot: (Bangkok area); (outside Bkk) we will quote.
Gate Entry                          

When sending a shipment by sea we need to know the following information

All crates: eg bikes, furniture etc we pack @ our depot

What are you sending Destination port of entry
How many cbm (cubic metres)
Measure 1m x 1m x 1m - 1cbm


When asking us for a quotation and you wish to send personal items please tell us exactly what you are shipping. Itemize all articles so we can tell you if you need fumigation, clearance from Customs and Fine Arts depts etc. We will not quote you if you do not list all items you wish to ship. Try to work out how many cubic metres you need to ship. Min 1cbm and this means 1m x1m x1m. LCL = MEANS LOWER THAN CONTAINER LEVELS. Over 1cbm the price gets cheaper so the more you do the cheaper it becomes.



Buddha heads are very sentitive for Thais to send so be aware as many shippers will not ship because one item may be a head that now needs to be cleared by the Dept of Fine Arst and the Customs. Many headaches shipping these now so we do not send relics even if copies. OUR COMPANY CAN SHIP BUDDHA HEADS OR MASKS OF ANY MAKE OR KIND THAT ARE BUDDHA COPIES ETC. BUT BE AWARE OF THE CUSTOMS CHARGES



Ocean Full Container Load Port To Port & LCL any quantity of goods.
Shipping Lines we select offer reliable sailing dates with just transit times at competitive rates.
Services include :
Scheduling appropriate sailing date
Seal container ready for ocean transportation
Prepare export declaration for our customer & arrange DHL direct to you.
Deliver container to port of exit
Container is Ocean freighted to destination port
In addition to all the cautious steps we take for your shipment, we also provide full coverage insurance from first rate companies if wanted.

We can book your container for a specific date
Complete packaging service & quality control
Wood crate items as well
Label and count number of pieces with invoices
Load items into container securing for a secure anti-friction transit

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Our own coffee

* Worldwide sales

* No minimums

* Green or roasted

* Packed to your specs

Our Other Lines

* Outsourcing for overseas customers

* Charcoal sales

* Rubber tyre scrap

* Metal scrap

* Tyres, machine parts

* Injection molding

* Commodity sales


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* WELL ESTABLISHED Danish /Thai /NZ owned - Operating since 1998
* QUALITY ASSURANCE - DFT Dept foreign TradeRegistered.
* PROFESSIONALISM - Members of EAN Thai Federation of Industries
* LOGISTICS & OWN PACKING - Pickup & deliver to your door anywhere in Thailand, Laos, Myanmar & Cambodia
* COMPETITIVE RATES - We pass on our bulk buying rates.
* CUSTOMER SERVICE - Friendly, English speaking experienced staff.
* CUSTOMER Storage & warehousing for all shipments & for buyers.
Logistical Import Clearing and Exports by land, air and sea
email us: export@pobox.com

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INDEMNITY: Please note KPS International Trade (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.& SE Asia Trading Post Shipping is NOT ASSOCIATED NOR PART OF THE FOLLOWING COMPANIES IN THAILAND. namely KPS Express Logistics Co Ltd or KPS International Transport Co Ltd. It has come to our notice by the Logistics Support Services FDRS : https://fdrs-ltd.com/  that some exporters believe we are part of these companies which we are not.


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