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GIAN HOMES in-house design and engineering department can provide plans as well as designs to offer exactly what our customer requires. Advice on materials, air conditioning or heating and ventilation requirements determined by location and expected weather conditions.
Standard Units.
Toilet blocks. Various sizes from 1 single facility up to 36sq meter units catering to mixed-use shower / toilet modules.
Office modules, outdoors, or constructed inside factory buildings
Construction site modules from 54 cubic meters to 90 cubic meter units of varying levels of luxury.
Construction to 3 story level
Canteen Modules.
Fencing for security or as aesthetic dividers
Kitchen units.
Refrigeration units/Freezer units
Transportable ice cooler units, can dismantle flat pack for return journey when empty
Storage units.
Smoking huts.
Shade areas for outside living and BBQ areas
Tiny homes, self-contained living units
Hotel Bedroom units
Guard houses



Cube System
The system basically comprises of in-house factory-made components that simply slot together to form a framework that can be created in any number of designs. The walls, ceiling and floor panels are simply slotted into place during the process. Apertures are precut into the panels for all windows, doors, etc. Electrical requirements added after construction of the units by use of trunking, allowing for easy installation and maintenance. All constructed panels are insulated.


The main objectives of the “Cubes” system is…
To create flat packed components that are cost effective to transport.
Simple to construct in all environments with even the most basic of tools. To provide a safe habitat that would protect the occupants in any environment. Be cost effective and have an extended life expectancy. Be flexible enough to create any structure from a simple shelter, emergency hospital facility to a permanent dwelling.
65 % deposit on contract, balance on completion.
Date given from deposit for start construction to completion date.
We only strife for 100 % + customer satisfaction.




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Ocean Full Container Load Port To Port & LCL any quantity of goods.
Shipping Lines we select offer reliable sailing dates with just transit times at competitive rates.
Services include :
Scheduling appropriate sailing date
Seal container ready for ocean transportation
Prepare export declaration for our customer & arrange DHL direct to you.
Deliver container to port of exit
Container is Ocean freighted to destination port
In addition to all the cautious steps we take for your shipment, we also provide full coverage insurance from first rate companies if wanted.

We can book your container for a specific date
Complete packaging service & quality control
Wood crate items as well
Label and count number of pieces with invoices
Load items into container securing for a secure anti-friction transit



Let us do the sourcing and buying for you.

We also oversee all garment exports and can supply DFT C/O for Germany


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Our own coffee

* Worldwide sales

* No minimums

* Green or roasted

* Packed to your specs

Our Other Lines

* Outsourcing for overseas customers

* Charcoal sales

* Rubber tyre scrap

* Metal scrap

* Tyres, machine parts

* Injection molding

* Commodity sales


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* WELL ESTABLISHED German/Thai/NZ owned - Operating since 1998
* QUALITY ASSURANCE - DFT Dept foreign TradeRegistered.
* PROFESSIONALISM - Members of EAN Thai Federation of Industries
* LOGISTICS & OWN PACKING - Pickup & deliver to your door anywhere in Thailand, Laos, Myanmar & Cambodia
* COMPETITIVE RATES - We pass on our bulk buying rates.
* CUSTOMER SERVICE - Friendly, English speaking experienced staff.
* CUSTOMER Storage & warehousing for all shipments & for buyers.
Logistical Import Clearing and Exports by land, air and sea
email us: export@pobox.com


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